The world is becoming increasingly industrialized. Countries striving to expand industrial capacity are faced with acquiring the necessary resources to support those efforts, including reliable power. These issue are made even more pressing as the world’s population increases. Newly industrialized countries and those depending almost exclusively on traditional electricity sources are helping drive a push around the world toward improved solar energy production and efficiency. There are many strides being made in solar energy. These innovations are on the horizon for 2020 and beyond.

Increased Efficiency of Existing Materials

The more efficient a solar cell, the more power can be converted without having to enlarge the panels. Solar panels manufactured from traditional technologies and materials continue to increase in efficiency. One new approach for improving performance in these panels involves slicing solar cells into two, a method that produces “half-cut” cells. Half cutting adds an average gain of five-to-seven watts of energy per panel.

A New Material on the Block

Another new innovation is the development of new materials in solar panels. Currently, most solar panel cells are made of crystalline silicon. Solar panels with alternative materials like copper and cadmium are also available but are used less frequently because of the greater expense and production difficulties. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells are easy to produce, but they are bulky and heavy.

Perovskites are a new type of solar cell made from calcium titanium oxide. They have a high absorption coefficient, allowing for ultra-thin films of around 500 nanometers that can absorb the entire visible solar spectrum. Extremely thin perovskites can be used in all manner of textiles.

Expert Solar Panel Installation

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