Solar panels are revolutionizing how the world uses electricity. They are also helping people save on the costs of utility bills. We’d like to offer some tips when it comes to using solar panel systems efficiently. Knowing when to operate your large appliances can help you to maximize the solar panels’ efficiency.

Operate One Large Appliance at a Time

Just because you want to use the solar panel system’s energy to a maximum doesn’t mean you have to operate large appliances all at the same time. To ensure that the solar energy is well utilized, have one appliance on first, then another. For instance, ensure the washing machine finishes its cycle before you start using the dishwasher.

Find Out When Your Solar Panels Are Most Efficient

Depending on the direction your solar panels are facing when they’re installed, they will be most efficient at different times. For instance, your solar panel will be the most efficient in the morning if they are connected facing the east. They will be more efficient in the afternoon when facing west and more efficient from mid-day to the afternoon when the solar is facing north.

Know When You Should Use Solar Energy

Know when your solar panel system normally produces the most power. The Energy Solutions
Specialist (ESS) from GVEC Solar Services can help you determine when that may be. This is one of the details an ESS will discuss with you when they perform a free site evaluation to help customize a solar panel system that’s right for your renewable energy needs and expectations.

If you want to use the power produced by your system more at a particular time, you might consider battery storage. For instance, if you have a family that gets home in the afternoon and starts using appliances and watching TV, battery storage allows you to save the energy produced during the day to use when your family is home in the evenings, consuming more electricity.

One of the most important tips when it comes to solar energy is to ensure you get your solar panel system and battery storage from a reputable dealer like GVEC Solar Services, serving Seguin, New Braunfels, Gonzales, Cuero and surrounding areas. We also offer high-speed professional electrical services and AC/heating sales and services. Contact GVEC Solar Services today for more information!

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