Solar technology is improving at rates rarely seen in the energy field or any other industry. Panels are becoming less expensive, and new advancements are happening all the time. Among the major recent developments is the potential for creating solar panels out of a revolutionary substance called graphene. The professionals at GVEC Solar Services can evaluate your home anywhere in south-central Texas and install solar panels and battery storage systems that reduce your reliance on other energy sources while lowering your utility bills.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene is technically just carbon, but carbon arranged in a particular way. It is a single layer of carbon atoms, bound together in a honeycomb lattice structure. Graphene is the thinnest compound currently known; it is only one atom thick. It is also the lightest material yet to be discovered, with a square meter of graphene weighing less than a milligram. It is six times lighter and 200 times stronger than steel.

How Do Graphene Solar Panels Work?

The properties of graphene make it one of the most exciting materials ever to be developed. It is likely to change many industries from building bridges to manufacturing clothing, but one of the areas in which it may be most helpful is solar panels. Graphene is nearly transparent, strong, flexible and tremendously conductive. The future of graphene solar panels is unknown, but they are likely to represent a major change in the industry, offering low-cost, high-efficiency energy production.

Power Production and Efficiency

Some technology companies and developers have reported astonishing results using graphene as a primary material in solar panels. Specifically, one company reported a graphene solar panel that works at a 92% efficiency rate compared with roughly 20% for traditional silicon panels. The cost per watt of a graphene panel may be as low as 55 cents as opposed to the nationwide average of $3.26 per watt for traditional silicon panels.

Here for Your Energy Needs

If you’re looking for cutting-edge energy solutions in central Texas, the experts at GVEC Solar Services can help. We offer everything you could be looking for, including HVAC services and installations, electrician services, and solar panel and battery storage consultations and installations. We have offices in Gonzales, Schertz, Seguin, La Vernia and Cuero. For more information about solar options that may be right for you, call us at 855.898.8807.

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