Although GVEC Solar Services works hard to prevent power outages across our service territory, circumstances beyond our control do sometimes cause our members to experience service interruptions. Thunderstorms, for instance, are not uncommon in our region during spring and summer. These can sometimes lead to outages.

As we experienced this past February, summer and spring aren’t the only times of year when extreme weather can lead to rotating outages. And of course, weather isn’t the only possible cause of power outages.

Whatever the cause, though, a power outage isn’t just inconvenient . Depending on their duration and cause, outages can cause food to spoil, your sump pump to stop working and the home’s temperature to drop too low or soar too high for safety and comfort. This is why a backup-power solution is an excellent investment.

Home Batteries Versus Generators

At GVEC Solar Services, we’re big believers in the power of home battery storage. When it comes to savings over time, noise levels, dependability, flexibility and home solar compatibility, batteries are hard to beat.

However, GVEC Solar Services recognizes that backup generators still offer an important option for many consumers seeking dependable backup power. These devices do offer one primary advantage over battery systems. Below, we offer details on why battery systems are generally superior to generators. We’ll also briefly review the primary advantage generators have over battery systems.

Battery Solutions Create No Combustion Byproducts

Battery backup systems don’t require fuel, so there’s no combustion process to create toxic byproducts. With battery systems, for instance, you’ll never worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or any of the other gases produced by gas-powered home generators.

Additionally, since battery solutions require no fuel, there’s never any risk of running out and not having backup power because you run out.

Battery Solutions are Whisper Quiet

If you’ve ever used a gas-powered home generator, you know that, depending on the model, the amperage and size, and the features, they can get pretty noisy. No matter how many batteries you add to a battery backup system, the only noise you’re ever likely to hear is no noise at all.

Battery Storage Works Seamlessly with Home Solar

Battery storage solutions make the perfect complement to home solar panel systems. Instead of selling excess power generated by your panels to your electricity provider, imagine storing it for use at night. Doing so can save even more money on your electricity bill, making panels an even more valuable investment.

Battery Storage Solutions Deliver Connected Flexibility and Control

Battery systems connect seamlessly to both home solar panels and to the internet, giving owners maximum control regarding how and when to use stored power.

Battery Storage is Eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

If you purchase a battery storage solution at the same time as home solar panels, both purchases are eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which currently stands at 26% (through the end of 2022). If you purchase battery storage after you already have solar panels installed and running, it would still be eligible for the ITC.

The Big Advantage Generators Offer Over Battery Storage Solutions

The primary advantage home generators offer over home battery solutions is cost. These systems cost significantly less to purchase. Home battery systems, on the other hand, should be considered more of a long-term investment that, used as a compliment to solar panels, pays you back and profits you over time.

The payoff with a battery storage solution—especially paired with solar panels—can be substantial. However, the time to reach that payoff point requires time and patience. Although battery owners will ultimately save far more in energy costs over time compared to generator owners, batteries cost a good deal more for the initial purchase. This can be an important consideration for homeowners who are more interested in having dependable back-up power as opposed to energy savings and dependable backup.

Every Home and Family Have Unique Power Needs

At GVEC Solar Services, we understand that every home and family are unique. Everyone has different power needs. Some of these can be best served by battery storage and others by a backup generator. Only you know for sure which product is best suited to your needs, but GVEC Solar Services would be glad to answer any questions you might have in deciding. Just call us!

GVEC is Your Home Battery Solutions Expert

In addition to backup generators, home solar panels and battery storage solutions, GVEC Solar Services also offers electrician services, internet service, SunHub™ Community Solar, heating and air conditioning products and services, and more.

For additional details about any of our products or services or to discuss battery storage solutions versus generators, get in touch with us at 855.898.8807 today.

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