Over the past few years, solar power technology has made some amazing advances. Among other things, the efficiency of solar cells continues to improve. As a result, it’s now possible to power a much wider array of devices using nothing but compact solar panels. This has led to the development of a whole new generation of solar-powered devices. Here are four must-have solar tech gadgets that you may find interesting to own.

1. Solar-Powered Device Chargers

These days, most people depend on an array of electronic devices to make each day easier. Items like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables are among them. However, those devices have limited battery capacity and can run out of power at the most inopportune times. That’s where solar-powered device chargers come in handy.

There are a variety of these handy devices on the market. Most come with multiple USB ports to make charging one or more devices at once a snap. Some even feature built-in battery banks so that you can carry some extra power for charging even when the sun isn’t out or you’re indoors.

2. Solar Keyboards

Having a wireless keyboard is a modern convenience that any computer user can appreciate. The problem is that they run on batteries, which can leave your keyboard inoperable when they need replacement. But just like the old-school solar calculators of yesteryear, you can now avoid that problem by using a solar keyboard.

For example, the Logitech MK750 is a fully-featured PC keyboard that recharges using the power of the sun. It features quiet keys and a full number pad, with excellent wireless range for when you want to roam from your desk. And it will charge using any light source, so a desk lamp will do the trick on overcast days.

3. Solar Headphones

Over the past decade, Bluetooth headphones have gradually replaced wired ones as most people’s go-to portable listening solution. However, Bluetooth headphones can possibly run out of power while you’re away from an outlet and can’t recharge them. Solar-powered headphones, by contrast, don’t have that problem.

Options like Urbanista’s Los Angeles over-the-ear headphones feature a novel flexible solar recharging mechanism built into their headband. This makes it nearly impossible to run out of power when you use them outside. Some users report not having to charge their headphones using an outlet for months on end.

4. Solar Weeding Robots

One of the benefits of owning a home is that you can use the property around it for a variety of purposes. You can even grow some of your food if you have the patience and skill to do it. However, many a homeowner has had a backyard garden fail due to the incursion of weeds. Worse still, keeping the weeds in check can turn into a tedious and difficult task.

With a solar weeding robot like the Tertill Weeding Robot, you can garden with confidence. It’s a solar-powered garden robot that travels between the rows of your vegetables and other plants, tearing up weeds as it goes. Plus, it can sense your plants and avoid them, so you never have to worry about it killing anything but the weeds you want gone.

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