Add GVEC Solar Solutions to Your Christmas Wish List

December 16, 2021

Many residents in South Central Texas have heard about the benefits of renewable solar energy, and you may be looking to add solar to your premises. Here are several things to consider if you’re thinking of adding solar and battery storage to your Christmas list. Solar Panel Systems With over 300 sunny days in the Guadalupe Valley, it make sense to think about the ways a solar panel system can help you save on your energy costs. You use electricity every day, and while taking steps to conserve energy when it’s not needed—like turning off lights in rooms when you exit—are helpful, it pales in comparison to producing your own energy. Using renewable solar energy produced on the spot by your solar panels means you buy less electricity each month. Battery Storage Battery Storage allows you to store excess power produced by your solar panels during the day to use when the sun isn’t shining. This boosts your energy savings even more by making it possible to limit the amount of electricity you have to buy to power your home at night. These systems can also safely power your home in the event of a power outage. Therefore, if the...

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Solar Panel Output in Cold Weather

December 2, 2021

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to save on energy costs, but when the weather turns colder, you might wonder if this will affect your energy output. Some common misconceptions exist about solar panels and how they work in cold weather. Let’s see what you can expect if you live in a colder climate. Solar Production in Cold Weather The good news is that solar panels are not affected by changes in temperatures. The myth that solar panels will not work as well in the cold likely comes from experience with lead-acid car batteries. If you have ever had the experience of having a dead car battery in the morning due to the cold, even though it was fine the night before, then you might wonder if the same holds true for your solar panels. The susceptibility of car batteries to the cold is due to the effects of cold on liquid or gel in the battery, but the cold will not affect your solar panels in the same way. A lack of sunlight affects your solar panels more than the temperature. Frozen Precipitation and Solar Panels Another concern people have is whether sleet or snow will affect their...

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Simple Solar Maintenance Tips That You Should Know

November 18, 2021

Solar panels are a great way to generate power when you need it. However, if panels aren’t properly maintained, it can lead to reduced efficiency and even to breakdowns. Generally speaking, solar panels require once-yearly, routine maintenance. Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean The most important maintenance item is to keep your solar panels clean and clear of obstruction. Panels need a comprehensive visual inspection and thorough cleaning about once a year. They should be kept free of debris, including leaves, twigs, pollen, dust and any other item that may be blown around to land on panels and potentially reduce the amount of sunlight they receive. Keeping the Solar Panels Out of the Shade You will want to make sure your solar panels are out of the shade. Some people think that solar panels should not always sit out in the direct sun because of the heat. Solar panels are built to withstand high temperatures. Keep an eye on your solar panels; if there are any trees that grow up and cast a shade, make sure that you take those down. Nearby trees can also be a source of blown leaves and other debris. You will want to make sure this...

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Can Solar Panels Help in the Sale of Your Home?

November 4, 2021

Having a home solar panel system installed is an advantage to anyone trying to sell their property. Many prospective buyers will be drawn to solar power’s benefits, some of which include savings on electric bills, and greater energy efficiency and independence. These systems also integrate seamlessly with battery storage solutions, allowing for dependable backup power through any outage and even more savings on energy costs. In short, solar energy systems can be a powerful benefit to any owner working to sell their home. Solar Panels Contribute to Reduced Energy Bills Home solar panels can contribute to hundreds of dollars in annual savings on electricity bills. Panels are designed to absorb energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity in the home. Although few home solar owners can reduce the cost of their electric bills to zero, virtually all new owners will experience significant savings from the time panels begin operating. Integrating Solar Panel Costs Into the Home’s Selling Price When selling a home, the cost of panels (and battery storage systems) can be added to the overall cost of the property. This integration into the mortgage helps immediately accentuate lowered electricity costs and energy savings. For the new owner, solar...

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Should You Pair Battery Storage With Your Solar Panel System?

October 18, 2021

Pairing solar panel systems with battery storage can be very beneficial. The majority of solar systems are grid-tied. This means that when your power goes down, your system automatically shuts off to avoid safety risks like backfeeding onto power lines. When you pair battery storage with solar, however, it allows you to safely power your home in the event of a power outage. Custom Solar and Batter Storage Solutions There’s really no one-size-fits-all solar panel or battery storage system for all residential solar purposes. Every home is different and has different energy needs, so solar solutions should be customized to each individual home. If you decide to pair battery storage with your solar panel system, the solar solution specialists at GVEC will listen to your renewable energy expectations and custom design a system to fit your needs. Convenience and Affordability Purchasing battery storage at the same time as your solar panel system is ideal. It will aid in planning a system that’s right for your home. This will also allow you to count the cost of battery storage in the current 26% federal ITC tax credit. Reliable Backup Power As stated earlier, battery storage allows you to safely power your...

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5 Common Myths About Solar Energy

October 4, 2021

Choosing to install solar panels on your Seguin, Texas, home can be an excellent way to increase your property value and decrease your home energy bills. Sadly, many homeowners throughout the South Central Texas area are missing out on these and other benefits. The following five myths about solar energy may be some reasons why. 1. Solar Panel Installation Is a Costly, Complex Process The cost and complexity of installing solar panels are often greatly overestimated. These factors can also greatly depend on who you choose to do business with. Since 2008, the cost of solar installation has become much less expensive. Plus, GVEC offers affordable financing options for qualified buyers. As far as complexity goes, when you partner with GVEC for your solar needs, we handle all permitting, planning, inspections, wiring and installation. 2. Solar Panels Aren’t Durable or Reliable Quality solar panels installed by qualified professionals like the ones at GVEC can last between 25 to 30 years. In fact, we even deliver a 25-year manufacturer warranty on our solar panels. Given that these systems don’t have any moving parts, they aren’t subject to a tremendous amount of wear. 3. Solar Panels Won’t Provide Good Value in Cold...

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Five Solar Tech Gadgets for Your Home

September 20, 2021

The sun is an amazing source of energy. If you’ve thought about installing solar panels and battery storage at your home in Sequin, TX, or anywhere in South Central Texas, GVEC can help. While harnessing solar power is an efficient way to generate electricity to power your home, we thought it might be interesting to see what types of nifty gadgets also make good use of solar technology. Here are five solar-powered items consumers may find useful. 1. Solar-Powered Generator Solar-powered generators can be advantageous to use when other power sources aren’t available. This might mean in the event of a power outage, while camping, or even on a day trip to a beach or park. A solar-powered generator can supply power to laptops, a fridge, electric griddles or grills, and other items. These generators are generally compact and can be charged by simply being exposed to the sun. 2. Solar Cell Phone Charger We rely heavily on our cell phones these days. If you ever experience a power outage, you may be worried about having enough battery life in your phone. Fortunately, there are solar cell phone chargers available, and you can charge them whenever the sun is out....

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What Happens to Solar Panels at Night?

September 6, 2021

Each year, you might be seeing more and more solar panels and battery storage systems on homes around your neighborhood. This makes sense as many people see the financial benefit of creating and storing energy produced by the sun to power their homes. You may have some questions about solar panels and battery storage, though. One common question is, “What do solar panels do at night?” No Charging at Night Technically, solar panels do what many of us do at night—they rest. Solar panels depend on sunlight to create energy. Because the moon and artificial sources of light don’t put out a significant level of solar radiation as sunlight does, the solar panels are not able to create electricity when the sun is not out. So, do the solar panels just rest at night? Basically, yes. They go into sleep mode and are inactive during the time after sunset and before sunrise. However, for homes with battery storage, just because the solar panels go to sleep doesn’t mean all after-dark energy consumption must be purchased from electricity providers until sunrise. With Battery Storage, You’ll Still Have Electricity Typically, there are times during the day solar panels produce more power than...

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3 Reasons Home Solar Power Is One of the Most Environmentally-Friendly Energy Sources

August 16, 2021

When you are looking to pay less for energy and reduce your carbon footprint, one of the best options is to install solar panels on your home. The electricity generated by your solar panels is free, with the only costs being the panels themselves, installation and any necessary maintenance. Along with financial savings over time, solar power is arguably one of the friendliest to the planet. Here are three reasons why solar power is a great green energy source for your home. 1. No Reliance on Fossil Fuels The majority of the electricity flowing through the American power grid is generated from fossil fuels. Installing solar panels at your home allows you to produce your own renewable energy, so you’ll rely on less electricity generated from fossil fuel sources. Fossil fuel prices can also fluctuate in the energy market. A solar panel system is a worthwhile long-term investment that will help prepare your home for the future of renewable energy. 2. Reduced Pull From the Grid Traditionally-sourced electricity can fall short if there is a high demand for electricity. This typically can happen in our part of South Central Texas when some seasonal weather ushers in extreme temperatures. Producing your...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Floating Solar

August 2, 2021

You may not have heard of “floating solar,” but its popularity is growing. These panels offer several benefits and drawbacks, but one thing is certain — they’re an innovative alternative to traditional designs. What Is Floating Solar? Floating solar panels are a new type of flat-panel solar design that offers the convenience of rooftop mounts. However, for areas or buildings that don’t have adequate roof space, they also serve as an alternative to ground mounts or solar canopies. This is especially useful for large-scale solar projects. This is because the panels also float, making them ideal for ocean, lake or river locations. Benefits of Floating Solar They Float Floating solar panels are an innovative approach to solar power that offers many benefits. One of these includes no loss of land-space. Being able to float in unused bodies of water also helps eliminate the need for tree removal. Durable, High Performance Floating solar panels are able to be cooled down in areas that experience very hot weather by the water they’re floating on. This makes them especially durable and helps them maximize their energy output when faced with extremely hot temperatures outside. They’re Eco-Friendly In addition to helping alleviate the need...

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