We receive lots of sunshine in Seguin, TX, making solar panels a worthy investment considering the ever-rising energy bills. However, many new owners have concerns about how often they need to maintain the panels and if it is possible to do it themselves. In this post, GVEC Solar Services will debunk everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance

Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

Yes. Generally, solar panels need very little maintenance for maximum efficiency. However, dirt, debris, leaves and bird droppings can block the sun rays and hinder the maximum performance of your device. Therefore, it is recommended to remove such obstructions once every six months.

Can I Do Maintenance Myself?

Proper maintenance of your solar system will help maximize the performance and lifespan of your equipment. That said, there is an extent to which you can perform the maintenance yourself. These include routine cleaning, regular checks of the inverters, and your system’s overall health from an integrated monitoring system.

It is vital to involve an expert to check electrical and technical problems. Otherwise, undetected issues may lead to low power production despite the sunny weather. Physical damage, electrical malfunctions and a drastic reduction in power output require experienced technicians to repair.

How Do I Clean Solar Panels?

You can quickly clear off leaves, dust and bird droppings using a leaf blower and rinse using a hose. This action should be sufficient to restore maximum sun exposure to the solar panel cells.

Things to Avoid During Cleaning

You shouldn’t be afraid of cleaning your solar panels as they can withstand different weather conditions. However, take note of the following practices to avoid weakening the panels:

• Never use soap, detergent or solvent-based cleaners
• Keep off hard water
• Avoid abrasive brushes
• No extremely cold or hot water
• Never use high-pressure water

Leave Your Solar Maintenance to GVEC

Not a fan of climbing onto your roof with hoses and cleaning apparatuses? Ease the challenges of regular solar maintenance with the GVEC Solar Spec Check plan. This two-year plan includes one visit per year that includes a comprehensive, professional cleaning in your first visit, visual damage check, and a fully documented complete system check on the second visit.

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Proper maintenance is the key to your solar panels’ excellent power performance and longevity. Call GVEC Solar Services for solar services, high-speed internet, electrician services, and AC/heating sales and service in Seguin and surrounding areas.

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