From Purchase to Install: Why GVEC’s All-In-One Solar Solutions Are Your Best Option for a Solar System Purchase

May 2, 2019

When you are looking for a solar solution, consider a solar panel system from . Our systems will provide you with an affordable solution that will save you money. Here are some of the benefits of having a sun-powered system installed in your home. When you’re looking for a solar solution, we suggest considering a GVEC solar panel system. Our systems deliver an affordable, money-saving solution. Below are some of the most significant benefits of installing a sun-powered system from GVEC on your home. Solar Systems Can Last GVEC solar systems are durable and will provide power for years, making this a lasting investment. We stand behind our products, too, guaranteeing them for 25 years. Since we custom-tailor each system to fit your home, it works seamlessly with your existing setup. Our solar panels are weather-resistant and specifically designed to work in South Central Texas climate. Our warranty is independent of any other industry or manufacturer warranty, meaning we stand behind our products. GVEC Solar Panel Systems are Cost Effective Your GVEC solar panel system works in conjunction with your existing connection to the grid, and it’s not unusual for these systems to produce excess energy during the day. You...

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Solar Panel Recycling Yields Valuable Materials

April 20, 2019

Environmental considerations often motivate people to choose solar energy. The 25- to 30-year productive lifespan of solar panels, however, raises the question of disposal and recycling. With so many solar panels going up worldwide, manufacturers, installers, and consumers will need to address the mass of physical waste produced by old solar equipment. Materials in Solar Panels Recycling programs aimed specifically at solar panel waste have the ability to recover the majority of panel materials, such as: Glass Metal frames Wires Silicon cells Processing the metal and glass is an established process, but the silicon cells require special approaches that melt the silicon wafers to reclaim various elemental components. Economic incentives could motivate manufacturers to recapture the rare elements gallium and indium used in solar panels. Our planet only has small amounts of these vital elements. A representative from can answer your questions about long-term maintenance costs associated with solar panels. Our company installs affordable, custom photovoltaic systems for residents of the Gonzales region. We also help our customers access manufacturer rebates and tax credits meant to encourage the adoption of clean energy. The Recycling Process Regulators in Europe have encouraged solar panel manufacturers to develop recycling systems to manage the...

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Why Your Texas Home Needs Solar Panels

April 9, 2019

As a homeowner, you want to save on energy bills while adding green energy to your home. People in places like New Braunfels and Cibolo as well as other cities in South Central Texas can reap the benefits of alternative energy, bringing planet-loving clean energy into their homes. Solar Panels Are Now More Affordable It’s a fact that solar panels now make financial sense. At , we make it easy to purchase solar panels while saving on monthly energy bills. Customers who have used our systems have saved an average of $40 to $60 dollars a month on their electric bills. Our electric members can take advantage of on-bill financing (with approved credit) and combine payments with their electric bill. Moreover, a federal tax credit of 30 percent is available through December 31, 2019, for principal residences and second homes with new construction as well as existing homes. You’ll Be Helping the Planet Renewable energy, such as solar, benefits the environment with a clean source of power from the sun. As an alternative to fossil fuel, solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, it is readily available and reduces the impact of greenhouse gases. With an investment in...

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Why Should I Go Solar?

March 19, 2019

If you’ve been looking for alternative ways to power your home that can save you money while also protecting the environment, you should heavily consider going solar. This type of power is taken directly from the sun and converted into electricity that powers the rest of your home. While the up-front costs of going solar can be somewhat high, the benefits associated with doing so are many. What Is Solar Power? This refers to a type of power that is taken from the rays of the sun before being converted into electricity that can power any device or appliance in the home. The energy from the sun is stored in large panels that are installed on your roof. These solar cells then change the stored sunlight into electricity that can be harnessed by your home’s electrical system. Benefits of Going Solar The primary benefit attributed to going solar is that doing so will allow you to control how you receive electricity as opposed to obtaining this electricity solely from a power company. Doing this can reduce your monthly energy bills. The panels used with these systems are designed to last for at least 20 years, which allows you to build...

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Savings Available When Switching to Solar Power Energy

March 1, 2019

By adding some solar cells to your roof, it’s possible for the appliances and outlets in your home to be powered by the sun. This may lower the amount of standard electricity that you receive from a power company. Along with being highly beneficial for the environment, using solar power energy can also help you save a substantial amount of money on your monthly energy bills. Average Costs for Solar Panels The upfront costs associated with solar panels can range anywhere from $15,000-$25,000, which includes the costs of installing the panels. While these initial costs might seem to be somewhat high, you’ll benefit from the fact that long-term expenses are minimal. These panels also come with very little maintenance requirements. Expected Savings When Installing Solar Panels When you’re thinking about using solar power energy, keep in mind that you may still receive a small energy bill from time to time if you use too much electricity at night that isn’t offset by the solar panels during the day. However, this is rarely the case. Without monthly energy bills, you should receive a substantial amount of savings. The average family spends around $1,400 every year on electricity. Total 20-year savings typically...

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Tax Credits for Solar Panel Upgrades

January 26, 2019

Investing in solar energy in Gonzalez and other areas throughout Texas could pay off sooner than you think. According to federal tax laws, homeowners who have installed solar systems are eligible for an Investment Tax Credit. Also known as ITC, the credit is calculated at a rate that goes up to 30 percent of the costs of installing these systems. You should claim the tax credit when you file your returns with the IRS. However, you need to know if you qualify by understanding how these credits usually work. Solar Power Systems Eligible for Tax Credits The tax credits apply to a variety of renewable-energy devices, including solar systems. However, if you have those that are mounted in your backyard, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you should demonstrate that you have adhered to the fire and safety code. You should also supply electricity to a personal residence that is registered under your name. After that, the officials will want to know if you have been placed in service from 2006-2021. What the Tax Credits Cover Typically, the amount of your credit is calculated based on various aspects of your expenditure. You will start by looking at the costs...

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The Wonderful Invention of Solar Panels

December 19, 2018

Residents in the greater Seguin, TX area are getting excited about solar panels! The wonderful invention of solar panels is changing the way people in Texas power their homes and businesses, and GVEC Home Solar Service is here to help. Solar panel installation can significantly decrease homeowners’ utility costs and in some cases even help them to sell surplus power to their local electric company. Isn’t it time that you learned more about how this wonderful invention can help change your life for the better? How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar panels are an amazing invention that captures the energy from the sun and transforms it into energy for your home. Photons knock loose the electrons and generate an energy flow. There are simple and complex systems available, and you may have noticed a solar panel “farm” as you are driving down the highway. These panels work by converting photovoltaic cells into units of electricity that can be used to power roadside signage, homes and businesses, and even satellites orbiting the Earth. This invention is changing the way that we think about energy and alternatives to relying on outdated power grids. Power outages can be decreased, and gas-powered generators may...

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Why Go Solar?

December 13, 2018

Going solar at first may seem like a huge investment, but there are many benefits. Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills Electricity can take up a good portion of a monthly budget. Even if you don’t get enough to cover your electric bills from your solar panels, your bill will be greatly reduced. Good Return on Investment Many people like to look at solar panels as a way to invest since there are great returns with electricity savings. Many homeowners that switch to solar will pay off the system in seven or eight years and can see an ROI of 20%. Prepare for Rising Energy Costs In recent years, electricity prices have gone up and there is no telling how much more you can expect them to increase. If you invest in solar now, you can protect against the increased costs. If you have a fluctuating cash flow, solar panels can help you better manage your expenses. Increase the Property Value Studies have shown that homes with solar panels have higher property values and sell faster. As homebuyers are becoming more educated about solar panels, the demand is increasing and appraisers are taking solar panels into consideration when they value homes....

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